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Ramsey Angling Club

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Ramsey Angling club also organise casting tournaments, these are open events to anyone to come along and try and improve their casting techniques. Results will be posted here.


Casting 16-8-14


The latest Ramsey Angling Club's open casting tournament saw eight casters, including one junior, compete in near perfect casting conditions. A decent South West wind blew straight down the court all day, although a little bit cold, good distances were achieved by all including the first 250 metre cast recorded on the Isle of Man.

Bill Harrison also had his first 200 yard cast one of many personal bests of the day.

The highly contested nearest the centre line pool went to Barry Sharpe with a very impressive 12" from the line at over 260 yards, which was a small consolation after his best cast of the day was bettered by Andrew Dugdale on the last cast of the day, with the two markers being less than 12" apart.



Results ( distances in yards )

1st Andrew Dugdale 273.404 (125g) pb 263.5 (150g)

2nd Barry Sharpe 273.184 (125g) pb 266.8 (150g)

3rd Mark Quirk 250.4 (150g)

4th Michael Rycroft 243.8 (150g) pb

5th Bill Harrison 200.1 (150g) pb

6th Ian Rycroft 197.5 (150g)

7th George Dugdale 173.8 (150g)

8th Jack Kissack (jnr) 119.2 (125g)


Big thank you to Andreas Racing Association for allowing us access to the field.


Casting 21-06-14

Today our latest casting competition took place at Jurby airfield in what seemed to be perfect conditions. With a brisk north west wind confidence was high for some good PB's, but this wasn't the case possibly due to the high pressure.

Barry Sharpe came out on top with consistent display of casting all day, next was Andrew Dugdale who had mixed fortunes but managed to get one away eventually, there was a tie for third place with new kid on the block Micheal Rycroft showing his old man how its done with a great performance with both 125g and 150g leads, and Don Jenner who also had a consistant day when he remembered to wind his mags back on.

Nearest the line pool went to George Dugdale who had a number of contenders but his nearest was 40cm away.

Caster of the day has to go to new club member Kev Mac, who at his first casting event reached a very impressive 195 yards.

Thanks to everyone for your help setting up and packing away and for looking for my crack offs. And a big thank you to Andreas Racing for the use of the field.


1st Barry Sharpe 254.8 (150g) 244.9 (125g)

2nd Andrew Dugdale 246 (150g0

3rd = Don Jenner 232 (150g) 237 (125g)

3rd= Micheal Rycroft 237 (150g) 235 (125g)

5th Steve Quilliam 212.1 (150g)

6th Kev Mac 195.75 (150g)

7th Ian Rycroft 181.9 (150g) 181.7 (125g)

8th George Dugdale 176 (150g)


Distances in yards




Ramsey Angling Club ran their first casting compition of the year on Saturday with a pretty good turn out of 12 casters including one junior. With the sun shining and a fare wind prospects of good distances were good, but the wind direction was moving cross court for much of the time making it difficult to get any pb's for most of the casters.

Junior caster Jack Kissack cast an impressive 121.2 Yards which is his first measured cast and there were two pb's from Micheal Rycroft and Steve Quilliam.

Distances in yards

125g 150g

1st Andrew Dugdale 241.6 251.3

2nd Barry Sharp 248.2 249.4

3rd Mark Quirk 236.6

4th Michael Rycroft 230.8

5th Steve Quilliam 226.8

6th Don Jenner 226.7

7th Marc Corlett 217.7

8th Bill Harrison 193.4

9th Ian Rycroft 187.6

10th George Dugdale 179.9

11th Ian Ashcroft 138.3

12th Jack Kissack 121.2

Date for next comp will be announced soon.