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We are pleased to announce the date for Ramsey Angling Festival 2015 will be from Wednesday 8th July till Sunday12th. With the main three day match taking place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, a specimen day Wednesday and Sunday will either be another specimen day or the usual matchmans open dependant on demand.

This year will also see the return of the 'Dry Run Night' on Wednesday night where not only the peg draw takes place, anglers can discuss tactics, exchange fishy tales and maybe have a few drinks aswell, just to be sociable.

More information to follow soon.

Ramsey Angling Festival

After a bit of feedback on the times of the matches in the festival its been decided to change the times to make it easier for people with work comitments.

The times are as followed, venues and times may be changed due to bad weather etc.


Wednesday 25th June 8pm - 12am Point West

Thursday 26th June 8pm - 12am Dogmills

Friday 27th June 4pm - 8pm Manxmatch

Top 3 2013

Big money competitions have been held around the islands northern beaches since the early 80’s when they were sponsored by Newcastle Brown and the Islands Tourist board. The competitions attracted anglers from all over the U.K. and Ireland. To name but a few of those who won their fair share of the prize money in those early days, there was long distance caster Paul Kerry and English internationals Peter Owen, Alan Hawkins and Alan Yates. The last major event was sponsored by the Isle of Man Tourist Board in 1985, and the following year, ’86 Ramsey Angling Club inaugurated Ramsey Angling Week and have continued to run the festival that local anglers have become acustomed to. In the beginning the Angling Week was organised to encourage both the everyday angler and the match angler. This was with two heaviest fish competitions and two weight competitions. Over the years we have gradually changed the structure of the festival reducing from four to a three day match over a long weekend to make it easier for visiting anglers, it is now measure and release and more significantly the heaviest fish competitions have been dropped meaning it’s an out and out match, enabling us to offer Penn points for the overall winners and zone winners. There is also another opportunity to pick up valuable Penn points in the Matchmans open, an extra match the morning of the presentation which is always well attended.

In more recent years the festival has attracted many top anglers from all over the U.K. including World Champion Alan Price, Welsh internationals Pete Corker and Shane Russell English internationals Saul Page and Richard Yates to name but a few. The Champion of the festival is decided over three beach legs that are pegged and zoned, points will be awarded from low to high and if there is a tie it will be done on count back. Venues are chosen from Point West, Manxmatch, Harolds Boat House, Dogmills and the Vollan although they won’t be chosen till the last minute after carefully checking weather forecasts etc. to ensure we get the optimum conditions.

The 2014 Festival will take place on 25th-28th June let’s try and make it a successful one. More details will follow soon.

Past Ramsey Angling Festival Champions (from 1989 previous winners to follow):


1989 Steve Crimmins

1990 Alan Yates

1991 Alan Yates

1992 Peter Owen/Kevin Walmsley

1993 Helen ?

1994 K Bragg

1995 Orry Turner

1996 Ian Knight

1997 Alan Price

1998 Shane Russel

1999 Alan Price

2000 Alan Price

2001 Steve Quilliam

2002 Terry Moffat

2003 David Walls

2004 Mark Quirk

2005 David Walls

2006 Alan Price

2007 Marc Corlett

2008 Mark Pinder

2009 Richard Burt

2010 Saul Page

2011 Marc Corlett

2012 Mark Quirk

2013 Andrew Dugdale (doesn't count though as he's only won it once :) )


Fishing at this time of year can produce many species, mainly Dogfish, Whiting and Flatfish but can also produce specimen Bull Huss, and Tope fishing is second to none given the right conditions.