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Ramsey Angling Festival 2014 Match Report


Ramsey Angling club's annual 3 day angling festival started off at Point West in glorious sunshine with 29 anglers split into two zones. With defending champion, Andrew Dugdale , picking the prime end peg 30 he wasn't going to have it all his way with another previous champion, Mark Quirk alongside. With several catches of dogfish apiece, a 10lb+ huss finally edged Andrew ahead but only after a few recounts of the catch cards. Gary Hutson completed the top three with another ten metre catch.


In Zone 1 , catches were expected to be a lot lower with some pegs in the early pegs to struggle, but this proved unfounded with John Senogles winning the zone from peg 1 with over 9 metres of fish. Regular visitor Karl Nangle and Ramsey angler Colin Quayle both added 8lb huss to their bags to clinch second and thitd spots. On the night 211 dogfish, 29 whiting, 12 dabs, 4 huss, 3 gurnards and a flounder were measured and returned.

Day 1 .

Zone 1, 1, J. Senogles 911cms; 2, K. Nangle 870cms; 3, C. Quayle 864cms.

Zone 2, 1, A. Dugdale 1208cms; 2, M. Quirk 1186cms; 3, G. Hutson 1066cms.


Day 2 was held on the Dogmills , but with a forecasted strong easterly not materialising , anglers were soon catching a mixture of flounders, whiting and dogfish. Kevin Quinn used his favourite tactic of a slider to catch a fine 1lb 7oz flounder first cast that clinched the heaviest flattie of the week , collecting the Bandy Kinrade trophy. Although the fishing started of slow, the last two hours were incredible with a total 258 dogfish, 41 whiting, and 3 flounders being returned. In zone 1 , nine anglers topped the 10 metre mark with Mark Quirk's heaviest bag of the week making up for the close loss of the previous night by pipping Gary Hutson and pushing David Walls into third. Andrew Dugdale had a poor start but showed a champions form by taking another win with a catch of over 13 metres. Early leader of the zone, Craig Buy took second and some borrowed sandeels of Dugdale helped Dave Read take 4 double shots of dogs in as many casts for third.

Day 2 ,

Zone 1, 1, M. Quirk 1530cms; 2, G. Hutson 1506cms; 3, D. Walls 1360cms.

Zone 2, 1, A. Dugdale 1381cms; 2, C. Buy 1139cms; 3, D. Read 799cms.


Day 3 and the top anglers were, Dugdale on 2pts, Quirk 3pts, Hutson 5pts, Quayle 7pts, and Walls on 8pts . Stone Boat was the final venue and historically the lower your peg number the better with this proving so true with pegs 1 to 3 cleaning up , Dave Read, Craig Buy and Colin Quayle finishing in the top three.

Normally big huss are landed on this venue, but George Dugdale was more than happy with his modest five pounder, the heaviest on the day.

Unforetunately Mark Quirk was at the wrong end of this zone, seriously hampering his chances of over hauling Dugdale, but still produced a great result to finish fourth in the zone . In zone 2, Barry Sharpe had an excellent start with a treble shot on the end peg and caught throughout to finish on 16 dogfish.

Another with a good start was Dave Walls, but his peg dwindled out towards the end. Slow starting Julian Shambrook, and one of our main sponsors and event supporter, came good at the end to finish third in the zone. But there is a saying "that when your luck is in, its in" proved true when Dugdale caught a last cast treble shot of dogs to clinch second spot and this was enough for him to retain the Festival champion title. Quirk's effort retained second overall and Colin Quayle completed a local sweep of the top three. In these two zones 174 dogfish, 2 dabs, 2 plaice , 1 huss and a flounder were landed.

Zone 1, 1, D. Read 1280cms; 2, C. Buy 1120cms; 3, C. Quayle 960cms.

Zone 2, 1, B. Sharpe 1280cms; 2, A. Dugdale 1200cms; 3, J. Shambrook 1088cms.

The top ten were as follows : 1, A. Dugdale 4pts; 2, M. Quirk 7pts; 3, C. Quayle 10pts; 4, G. Hutson 11pts; 5, D. Walls 12pts; 6, D. Read 13pts; 7, G. Buy 15pts;

8, M. Ryecroft 15pts; 9, B. Sharpe 16pts; 10, K. Nangle 18pts.

The pairs winners were Mark Quirk and Craig Buy on 22pts; 2, D. Walls and M. Ryecroft 27pts; 3, A. Dugdale and G. Dugdale 29pts.

The mystery four man team , sponsored by Colin Duke of Allround Tackle , was won by Andrew and George Dugdale, Craig Buy and Ken Bragg.

Once again Ramsey Angling club would like to thank the sponsors of our festival , who include the Isle of Man Tourist board's special events, the Steam Packet Co,

Allround Tackle , Julian Shambrook of Anyfish Anywhere, Ramsey Town Commissioners , Kelvin' Tackle , Jim and Gill of the Trafalgar Inn, and special thanks

to new sponsors, Ultima tackle for the winners clothing and line.