Winter Shield 2

Ramsey Angling Club

Home of Match Angling on The Isle of Man

Winter Shield 2 22nd November 1800-2200

The second leg of the winter Shield started with a biting cold northerly wind blowing but dropped of nice to make it a very pleasant evenings fishing.

Seven of the twelve anglers headed to the north pier with the rest taking their chances on the beach, hopes weren’t high for large bags of fish like the first leg, but there were plenty of fish there but mostly were under size.

Mark Quirk came out on top from the pier with a bag of dogs and whiting for 656 points second fishing the beach was Andrew Dugdale with a bag of whiting for 606 points and third was Paul Graham with dogs and whiting for 573 points, which gives Paul an early lead in the Winter Shield.

Pools on the night went to John Senogles with a 1lb 15oz dogfish and Andrew Dugdale with a 9oz whiting, the mystery pairs went to Quirk and George Dugdale who had a good performance on the beach with a bag of 14 whiting.

Ramsey Angling clubs Christmas open has had to be postponed to the 19th December £10 entry heaviest fish; as usual the club will be putting £100 into the prize fund.