Winter Shield 6

Ramsey Angling Club

Home of Match Angling on The Isle of Man

Winter Shield 6 : 12th January 6pm-10pm : Harbour Walls

On yet another wet and windy night Ramsey Angling Club held the latest round of their Winter Shield series within the Ramsey boundaries. 8 anglers signed on in an attempt to catch and return the most fish of the evening. Mark Quirk is always a good bet for top honors and again proved his consistency around his home town with a points total of 811, but it was Colin Skillicorn who braved the terrible conditions out on the North Pier who took the win landing Dogfish, Coalfish and Whiting in his total of 862 points. Mark did have the consolation of taking all of the pools on offer, Kevin Quinn completed the podium with 708 points.



1st Colin Skillicorn 862 points

2nd Mark Quirk 811

3rd Kevin Quinn 708

4th Johnny Green 401

5th Don Jenner 155

6th George Dugdale 134

7th Andrew Dugdale 89


Pool 1: Mark Quirk 1lb 14oz Dogfish

Pool 2: Mark Quirk 1lb 1/2 oz Coalfish

Pairs : Mark Quirk, Kevin Quinn


This Sunday the 19th there will be a Matchmans open on Point West fishing from 11am - 3pm. All welcome