Winter Shield 12

Ramsey Angling Club

Home of Match Angling on The Isle of Man

Winter Shield 12 : 6th April 1530-1930 : Harbour Walls


Ramsey Angling Clubs final leg of the Winter Shield was fished in perfect weather conditions unfortunately the fishing conditions weren’t as good. All the 12 anglers headed to the piers, George Dugdale picked up the first fish on the North Pier a Coal fish just big enough for the catch card, Mark Quirk managed a few Coalies early on from the South Pier only one sizable and added a nice 1lb 7oz flounder to take the flat fish pool.


Only two Dog Fish were caught the biggest one falling to Bill Harrison to take the second pool Bill also managed a flounder which was enough to give him second place over all, the winning bag of the day went to Andrew Dugdale with a Flounder and a Plaice.

Mark Quirk was in a comfortable position of starting the competition knowing he had done enough to win the winter series, Kevin Quinn managed a late whiting to give him enough points to take second in the series just pushing Colin Quayle into third.


Winter shield 12 results: 1st Andrew Dugdale 160pts, 2nd Bill Harrison 114pts 3rd Mark Quirk 109pts 4th Paul Graham 80pts 5th George Dugdale 68pts 6th Kevin Quinn 35pts


Winter Shield overall: 1st Mark Quirk 108pts 2nd Kevin Quinn 64pts 3rd Colin Quayle 63pts

The first of the Summer series starts this coming Thursday fishing 7-10.