Summer Shield 1

Ramsey Angling Club

Home of Match Angling on The Isle of Man

Summer Shield 1 : 10th April 1900-2200 : Harbour Walls


Ramsey Angling Clubs summer fishing got underway in ernest this week starting with the mid week Summer Shield series on Thursday. In contrast to the last competition within the Ramsey boundaries some of the 14 anglers headed to the beach to try their luck instead of the comfortable fishing on the piers. Winner on the night did however come from the piers,with Kevin Quinn using his reserved peg to great effect to take an early lead in the series. Kevin also won a pool with an 8oz Whiting and the pairs with Colin Quayle.



1st K. Quinn 428, 2nd D. Jenner 364, =3rd P. Graham. I. Ashcroft 240, 5th M. Quirk 228.


Pool 1: George Dugdale 2lb 3oz Dogfish

Pool 2: Kevin Quinn 8oz Whiting

Pairs : Kevin Quinn, Colin Quayle