Winter Shield 5

Ramsey Angling Club

Home of Match Angling on The Isle of Man

Winter Shield 5 : 16th December 6pm-10pm : Harbour Walls

Round 5 of the Winter Shield allowed anglers to return to their favoured spots within the Ramsey boundaries. Usually at this time of year and certainly after stormy conditions there is a chance of a stray Conger being caught and Ian Ashcroft managed to land a fantastic eel of 17lb 2oz from the North Pier. The previous evening's Christmas saw the beach produce good numbers of Coalfish and man of the moment Andy Dugdale continued his good form by producing the nights winning total from the car park area of the Vollan. Ian's Conger took pool 1 and Kevin Quinn's Dogfish of 2lb 1oz pool 2, Andy won the pairs by virtue of being last man out of the bag and doubling his own total. The club's newest angler Adam Claugh who under the guidance of Colin Quayle caught his first fish from the beach, well done Adam keep up the good work.



1st A.Dugdale 1135pts; 2nd C.Quayle 922pts; 3rd G.Dugdale 757pts; 4th M.Quirk 573pts; 5th I.Ashcroft 521pts; 6th P.Graham 427pts; 7th K.Quinn 373pts; 8th D.Jenner 305pts; 9th J.Senogles 193pts; 10th A.Claugh (J) 169pts.


Pool 1: Ian Ashcroft 17lb 2oz Conger

Pool 2: Kevin Quinn 2lb 1oz Dogfish

Pairs : Andy Dugdale (drawn on his own)